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Antique Maps Chest


I am a UK based seller of genuine antique maps. There are over 2000 maps listed in the easy to use catalogues on the left. All items are guaranteed as genuine and original. 

  • UK City and Town Plans - over 800 antique maps of all the major UK cities and towns particularly Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Liverpool, London, London-environs, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford and York. There are also many smaller UK towns and cities especially old Roman/University towns such as Bath, Canterbury, Chester, Colchester, Gloucester and Norwich.


  • UK County Antique Maps - over 300 county maps especially Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cumbria, County Durham, Kent, Lancashire, Northumberland and Yorkshire. There are over 20 maps of the Kent Hundreds by Edward Hasted and over 25 maps by John Speed.


  • England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales - country maps including the whole of the UK, Great Britain and separately for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. There are many maps from the golden age of mapping by Homann, Mercator, Merian and Ortelius, 


  • Europe Antique Maps  - over 800 city and country antique maps for sale especially Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain plus the cities of Antwerp, Brussles, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Venice. France is well represented and includes many fine maps of the whole country, regions such as the Lot and Garonne (Guyenne, Gascogne) and cities such as Bordeaux, Calais, Lille, Lyons, Rouen and Valenciennes. There are over 20 maps of Venice. Although hard to come by, there are several maps of Mallorca and the Ballearics.


  • World Antique Maps - includes USA, New York, Boston and South Africa


  • Other - including folding antique maps, UK city prospects (especially Samuel & Nathaniel Buck), panoramas, UK road, rail and sea maps, and large scale old Ordnance Survey maps



Photos of all of the antique maps are in the photo gallery and there is an index by mapmaker so you can search by name from Aa to Zatta including all the famous mapmakers such as Blaeu, Janssen, Merian, Mercator, Munster, Ortelius and Speed. Braun and Hogenberg are well represented with over 60 of their maps.


There are large number of maps for sale by Bowen, Cary, Cole & Roper, Dawson, Dower, Hasted, Hermannides, Morden, Moule, SDUK and Tallis


I have a few antique prints for sale and these are in a separate catalogue towards the bottom of the list on the left (eg. Mallet, Illustrated London News, van der Aa). I also have a complete set of Hogarth's Marriage a la Mode for sale


See FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information, or please just contact me by email or telephone


Thank you


Peter Conway




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