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Africa Antique Maps

This page antique maps mainly of South Africa. They are all listed below. Condition descriptions are:


VG - very good condition, no faults (or if there are any, given the age of the antique map, they are minor)

G - good condition (some minor flaws but generally good for framing/exhibiting)

F - fair condition (several flaws, damage and impairments, probably of more interest to the collector


All sizes are metric cm


Please click on the button below for photos of all of the antique maps:

Place Cartographer Price Date Size    Ref
Africa SDUK £22 c1844 26x27 VG 4153
Alexandria Aa, Pieter van der £220 c1729 26x34 VG 2000
Algiers Braun & Hogenberg £290 c1572 49x35 VG 2490
Algiers Munster, Sebastian £150 c1570 18x14 VG 2493
Constantinople Briet £40 c1653 17x13 VG 2307
Constantinople SDUK £120 c1840 39x32  VG 2199
Egypt - Ancient SDUK £15 c1831 30x37 VG 4164
Libya SDUK £15 c1840 39x31 VG 4165
North Africa Jansson, Jan. £375 c1652 53x37  VG 4091
North Africa Ortelius £275 c1575 50x33  VG 4127
South Africa Arrowsmith A £50 c1817 25x20 VG 4236
South Africa Astley T £90 c1747 37x24 G 4226
South Africa Bellin, Jacques Nicolas £95 c1748 35x25 VG 4225
South Africa Bellin, Jacques Nicolas £100 c1764 17x22 VG 4229
South Africa Findlay, Alexander £40 c1817 24x18  G 4224
South Africa Merian, Matthew £250 c1646 37x28 VG 4217
South Africa Morden, Robert £120 c1688 12x10 VG 4223
South Africa Sparman, A £245 c1779 51x32 G 4218
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