Antique Maps Chest
Antique Maps Chest


This is a small section of miscellaneous antique prints including London and Oxford/Cambridge colleges.


Condition descriptions are:


VG - very good condition, no faults (or if there are any, given the age of the antique print, they are minor)

G - good condition (some minor flaws but generally good for framing/exhibiting)

F - fair condition (several flaws, damage and impairments, probably of more interest to the collector


All sizes are metric cm


Please click on the button below for photos of all of the prints:

Place Mapmaker Price Date Size    Ref
Berlin Every Saturday £110 c1871 51x32 VG 2424
Berlin Illustrated London News £125 c1858 35x23 VG 2345
Birmingham Illustrated London News £95 c1858 51x34 G 1448
Cambridge - Christ's College Aa, Peter van der £95 c1707 16x12 VG 1573
Durham Meyer £15 c1850 15x9 VG 3389
Edinburgh Mallet £85 c1683 10x15 VG 1226
Edinburgh Mallet £85 c1683 10x15 VG 1797
Glasgow The Graphic £120 c1888 110x68 VG 1362
London - Chelsea Vauxhall Illustrated London News £110 c1859 55x34 G 1465
London - Lincoln Inn Grieg £30 c1817 8x14 VG 1458
London - London Bridge Mallet £85 c1683 10x14 VG 1467
London - St James Herbert Fry £30 c1885 12x21 VG 1154
London - the Strand Herbert Fry £30 c1885 12x21 VG 1155
London - Tooley St School Wilkinson £50 c1813 24x28 G 1401
London - Westminster Herbert Fry £30 c1885 12x21 VG 1156
London Law Courts Illustrated London News £25 c1869 23x34 VG 1196
London Panorama Illustrated London News £950 c1860 100x34 G 1419
Marriage a la Mode Hogarth £1200 1822 (Heath)

46x38 x

6 prints

New York Admiralty £48 c1949 67x100 VG 4198
Newcastle van der Aa £50 c1727 15x12 VG 1578
Oxford - Queen's College van der Aa £95 c1707 16x12 VG 1585
Paris Harper £125 c1871 38x24 VG 2423
Paris Versailles Harper £15 c1870 50x36 VG 2582
Sevenoaks - Knole Park Aa £65 c1727 15x12 VG 1577
Sevenoaks - Knole Park Knyff £180 c1714 32x27 G 6068
Venice Mallet £80 c1702 10x15 VG 2538
Winchester Illustrated London News £55 c1873 51x33 VG 1197
Windsor Castle Morden & Moll £15 c1720 21x17 VG 6083
Windsor Castle Morden & Moll £22 c1720 21x17 VG 6084
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