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This is a mixed selection of European antique maps that don't fit into the main categories. There is a mixture of city and country maps plus a few of Europe. Condition descriptions are:


VG - very good condition, no faults (or if there are any, given the age of the antique map, they are minor)

G - good condition (some minor flaws but generally good for framing/exhibiting)

F - fair condition (several flaws, damage and impairments, probably of more interest to the collector


All sizes are metric cm


Please click on the button below for photos of all of the antique maps:

Place Cartographer Price Date Size    Ref
Acre Badouin, Jean £150 c1629 33x232 G 2559
Crimea Blondel £25 c1854 90x56 F 4029
Damascus Braun & Hogenberg £280 c1575 35x32  F 2037
Eger Munster, Sebastian £95 c1550 34x22  VG 2168
Europe Faden, William £65 c1791 65x52 F 5133
Europe Picquet C £180 c1814 160x114 VG 5075
Europe Town Plans Bradshaw £65 c1878 c67x34 G 5160
Istria Munster, Sebastian £50 c1550 15x14  VG 4118
Mediterranean Bellin, Jacques Nicolas £140 c1737 52x60 G 4023
Mediterranean Wells E £45 c1700 43x31 VG 4185
Prague Borrosch £65 c1825 23x23 G 2612
Rhodes Anon £35 c1700 20x14 G 2633
Rhodes Porcacchi £120 c1572 14x10 G 4255
Romania Ortelius £170 c1630 47x35 VG 4126
Turkey SDUK £50 c1843 39x31 VG 4162
Warsaw SDUK £130 c1831 37x30  G 2241
Warsaw SDUK £130 c1850 37x30 G 2618
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