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How to buy?

Click on ''Contact Me'' and either send an email or phone me regarding your enquiry/purchase.


How long have you been selling antque maps?

Since 2007. For a brief biography, please click on the link - Biography


What is an antique map?

Generally, a map is antique if it is more than 100 years old, printed on paper and from engraved woodblock, copperplate, steelplate or lithography


How do you establish the date of a map?

Sometimes the map is dated referring to when it was first printed or offered for sale. This is only a guide as the date was often kept unchanged during subsequent re-issues. I have a large source of reference books which help me date maps and the content can also be a clue. Dates are all prefaced with a ‘c’ meaning approximately.


How do you know the maps are genuine?

The main way of gauging authenticity is through the paper and printing method


Do you guarantee their authenticity?

Yes, with a full refund if they are not genuine


What is the condition of the maps?

No two maps are identical. Condition is an important factor and is affected by

General damage – tears, holes, creases, and spills, for example, through the passage of time and care

Discolouration – browning or spotting (foxing) caused by paper impurities, offsetting from printing ink or colouring and staining from pigments in early colour (especially greens) and age toning. Offsetting occurs when a map has been folded and transfers ink/colour to the opposite page and age toning is uniform discolouring from age

Margins – the area outside the print area can be trimmed or torn.

Centrefold – most maps when published in atlases were folded and the centrefold can suffer from wear and be easily damaged


Where do the maps come from?

Most maps come from old atlases and books which have been broken up. As a consequence, folds and creases are common. Some maps were produced freestanding.


When were they coloured?

Maps were generally printed in black ink and then colour applied by hand ranging from simple outline colour to full colour. Original colour means that colour was added soon after original issue and recent colour anything subsequently. Original colour is not necessarily best. Professionally done recent colour can be much better than poorly done original colour. It is very hard to date colouring apart from saying broadly older or more recent


How are maps measured in terms of your sizing descriptions?

In centimetres, width by height measured to the plate edge.


What payment methods do you accept?

Cheque, internet banking transfer, and PayPal in £ or banking transfer/SWIFT in €. PayPal attracts a surcharge of 3.4%. € rates are quoted at mid-market rates on the day


How are the maps sent?

Items are sent either rolled in robust cardboard tubes or flat-packed in hard cardboard and sent by Royal Mail


What about frames and/or mounts?

Some of my maps are framed or mounted. Unless you specifically want the frame or mount, and are willing to pay the additional postage, I remove all maps from their frames and send rolled. This is because the glass in framed maps often breaks in transit and it is not worth taking the risk.



What are the postage and packing costs?

Indicative prices are: UK: £10

Europe: £15

Rest of the World: £20

UK items are normally sent by ''Special Delivery Next Day'', non-UK items by ''Airsure'' and books by Parcelforce


Are the maps insured when being sent?

Yes, if sent by Special Delivery Next Day or Airsure and is included within quoted P&P costs.


What if I am not happy and want to return the item?

If for any reason an order should not prove to a retail customer’s satisfaction, then please let me know within 5 days and send the item back. I will then arrange a full refund (apart from P&P costs) once I have received it back and checked that its condition is the same as when it was sent out. This does not apply to folding maps.


Do you charge VAT?



Can I view the maps before buying?

This is possible depending on where you live and the value of the map in question.


What are your terms and conditions?


Full title to all goods remains with me until settlement has been received in full.

Taxes & VAT

Antique maps and books are zero-rated for VAT purposes within the UK and no additional UK taxes or charges are liable for their exportation outside the UK. Any additional import charges or taxes incurred locally within the country of the purchaser are the responsibility of the purchaser.


All prices are shown net and in British Pounds Sterling. List prices do not include postage/delivery costs. Please note that the prices shown online are as quoted at the time and I reserve the right to amend, revise or change them at any time. Periodic pricing reviews are undertaken.


Items are not normally insured unless the purchase agrees to a form of Postage & Packaging which includes insurance such as Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day or Airsure.


All items are described as accurately as possible. Maps are supplied as loose sheets not mounted nor framed. All items are guaranteed 'original' or 'genuine’ unless otherwise stated
Legal disclaimer


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