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Spain Antique Maps

Spanish maps consist mainly of the Balearics, Mallorca and Madrid. They are all listed below. Condition descriptions are:


VG - very good condition, no faults (or if there are any, given the age of the antique map, they are minor)

G - good condition (some minor flaws but generally good for framing/exhibiting)

F - fair condition (several flaws, damage and impairments, probably of more interest to the collector


All sizes are metric cm


Please click on the button below for photos of all of the antique maps:

Place Cartographer Price Date Size    Ref
Balearics Admiralty £35 c1988 98x64 VG 4000
Balearics Mercator £250 c1623 20x14  VG 4249
Balearics Neele, £120 c1814 28x43 VG 4119
Balearics - Murcia Vaugondy, le S. Robert de £140 c1749 20x16 VG 4213
Madrid Anon £10 c1900 17x14  VG 2308
Madrid Dower, John £60 c1834 26x21 G 2075
Madrid Dower, John £60 c1835 26x21  G 2076
Madrid Dower, John £60 c1835 26x21  G 2077
Madrid Dower, John £60 c1835 26x21  G 2078
Madrid Dufour, A.H. £65 c1830 25x20  VG 2085
Madrid Dufour, A.H. £70 c1830 25x20 G 2440
Madrid Mallet, Allain Manneson £65 c1683 10x14 VG 2446
Madrid Neele,  £40 c1796 22x16  VG 2289
Madrid SDUK £85 c1831 38x30  VG 2217
Madrid Barcelona Zaragoza Heck, Johann Georg £40 c1846 21x26 VG 2552
Mallorca Porcacchi £195 c1620 14x10 VG 4133
Mallorca Porcacchi £210 c1620 14x10 VG 4134
Mallorca Porcacchi £195 c1620 14x10 VG 4239
Spain Le Rouge £80 c1720 26x20 VG 4251
Spain Merian, Matthew £175 c1640 36x26 G 4246
Toledo Braun & Hogenberg £500 c1597 49x37 VG 2625
Toledo Meisner £120 c1678 14x10 VG 2334
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