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Ireland Antique Maps

The antique maps are listed below with Dublin being the main focus. Condition descriptions are:


VG - very good condition, no faults (or if there are any, given the age of the antique map, they are minor)

G - good condition (some minor flaws but generally good for framing/exhibiting)

F - fair condition (several flaws, damage and impairments, probably of more interest to the collector


All sizes are metric cm


Please click on the button below for photos of all of the antique maps:

Place Cartographer Price Date Size   Ref
Cork Rapkin £70 c1850 32x26 VG 2606
Cork Weller, Edward. £20 c1861 42x31  VG 2471
Dublin Anon £15 c1800s 15x10 VG 2459
Dublin Anon £95 c1831 34x27 G 2520
Dublin Archer, J. £45 c1771 26x19  VG 2433
Dublin Cadell & Davies £55 c1817 37x25 F 2463
Dublin Dower, John £70 c1834 26x21  VG 2454
Dublin Dower, John £70 c1836 26x21  VG 2455
Dublin Dower, John £65 c1841 26x21  G 2456
Dublin Gregory £140 c1809 36x28  G 5049
Dublin Mallet, Allain Manesson £80 c1683 10x15  VG 2460
Dublin SDUK £95 c1852 38x29  VG 2458
Dublin SDUK £50 c1836 38x29  F 2462
Dublin SDUK £95 c1836 38x29  VG 2464
Dublin SDUK £95 c1836 38x29  VG 2540
Dublin SDUK £75 c1858 38x29  G 5151
Dublin Weller, Edward. £25 c1860 30x43  VG 2472
Dublin etc Tindal/Rapin £110 c1744 49x39 G 2466
Galway Bellin, Jacques Nicolas £65 c1764 17x21 VG 2449
Ireland Seale, RW £18 c1744 39x48 F 4257
Ireland Weller, Edward. £22 c1860 31x41(3) G 4253
Ireland - Sligo  Adlard £15 c1870 14x20 VG 4247
Kinsale Bellin, Jacques Nicolas £60 c1764 17x21 VG 2450
Wexford Fannis, Peter £75 c1800 36x23 G 2416
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